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Jeroen van Rotterdam

Chief Technology Officer, EMC Enterprise Content Division

At the start of 2015 Jeroen took on a new challenge within the EMC Enterprise Content Division (ECD) to lead the InfoArchive product line.

Jeroen also serves as the CTO for ECD setting the technology direction for the division. Jeroen was inducted as an EMC Distinguished Engineer in 2011 and has led the ECD Engineering team over the last 2 years.

Jeroen is a member of various EMC wide initiatives such as the CTO Council, the Industry Technical Advisory Council, the CTO Advisory Team, the Research Advisory Team and the FDE community.

Prior to becoming the CTO he had the role of Chief Architect for the EMC Content division.

Jeroen joined EMC from X-Hive Corporation (acquired by EMC in 2007) where he co-founded the company.  He was the CEO and CTO of the company. Raised several rounds of venture capital and successfully sold the company to EMC.

Jeroen holds a masters degree in Computer Science from the Erasmus University Rotterdam, a bachelor’s degree in Econometrics & Quantitative Economics from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He also has a bachelor’s degree (ing) in Mechanical Engineering from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Rotterdam).