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Monday, May 11


A Developer’s Perspective on Cloud Foundry Operations: One Month in the Trenches
In this session Cornelia will share lessons learned from a month spent on a team that operates a production instance of Cloud Foundry. From her first morning addressing a prod incident, through building ops dashboards, documenting how a crashed micro-bosh is recovered, and prod deploys, she will share lessons on the value of declarative, immutable infrastructure, cloud-native application design and proper abstractions. Tried and true practices such as checklists and jumpboxes remain, while new ones such as primetime deploys and even live experimentation in prod emerge. The punchline? Even as an ops novice, she was immediately productive. In this session Cornelia will present specific techniques for using BOSH, system metrics and logging, dashboards, alerting systems and more to manage your CF deployment.

avatar for Cornelia Davis

Cornelia Davis

Vice President, Technology, Pivotal
Cornelia works on the tech strategy for both Pivotal and with Pivotal customers. With a broad view across the various cloud-computing models of IaaS, App as a Service, Container as a Service and Function as a Service, her current focus is on how the use of container platforms such... Read More →

Monday May 11, 2015 10:45am - 11:15am
Great America Ballroom K


Managing Multiple Clouds with a Single BOSH Deployment
Currently, one BOSH deployment can only work with a single cloud, but some companies need multiple, geographically distributed data centers and use different cloud providers. This means they have to install BOSH in each data center and use additional computing resources/team efforts to provide fault tolerance. At the moment, Altoros’s team is extending the functionality of BOSH director and building BOSH plug-ins that will automate deployments to multiple clouds. In this session, Alexander Lomov, Cloud Foundry Engineer at Altoros, will share his experience in this field. Attendees will learn:

- why one may want to use BOSH with many clouds
- how BOSH works with an IaaS
- how to make BOSH work with multiple clouds


Alan Moran

Cloud Foundry Architect, Altoros
Alan Moran is a Cloud Foundry Architect at Altoros. He has provided Cloud Foundry consulting to a number of Fortune 500 companies. With a software engineering background and coming from the Ruby community, Alan has spent the last couple of years learning about and working with the... Read More →

Monday May 11, 2015 11:25am - 11:55am
Theater, 2nd Floor


You Build it, you Run it
Cloud Foundry in combination with the micro service architecture enables new development and operations models for teams. Cross-functional teams, decentralized governance and operational responsibility (You Build it, you Run it) are the foundation for a DevOps model where the developer also becomes operations.
In the 1st part of this talk we will show how we achieved operational responsibility within our [y]aaS teams by implementing the above mentioned concepts and by using Cloud Foundry and BOSH.
The 2nd part of this talk will focus on the specific monitoring and logging requirements resulting from above mentioned model. We will also show how we currently leverage open source technologies (Riemann, elasticsearch’s elk stack and graphite) in our current monitoring and logging architecture and how we are planning to move forward with Cloud Foundry’s NOAA, Doppler and event processing.


Rene Welches

René and Johannes are working within hybris on the Cloud Foundry topic since 2014. Their team started building up a Cloud Foundry practice for the hybris-as-a-Service ([y]aaS) application platform. [y]aaS is a multi tenant cloud platform which is based on a micro service architecture... Read More →

Monday May 11, 2015 11:25am - 11:55am
Great America Ballroom K


Managing Cloud Foundry on Azure with hybrid integration options

Learn how Azure supports creating scalable Cloud Foundry deployments and also enables hybrid or private cloud environments.

The journey is as important as the end goal , so we also want to share our learnings and experience from this project.


avatar for Ning Kuang

Ning Kuang

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft
Senior Program Manager from Microsoft Azure Compute team, focusing on open source application platforms and tools, manages the key projects for Cloud Foundry on Azure. Previously Ning worked as a program manager for Azure Linux deployment solutions, as well as software engineer for... Read More →
avatar for Kundana Palagiri

Kundana Palagiri

Kundana Palagiri, is a Program Manager in Microsoft Azure working on all things related to configuring, deploying and managing Virtual Machines and applications. During her 13 years at Microsoft she has worked on various Windows Server and Cloud Technologies. She lives in Redmond... Read More →

Monday May 11, 2015 2:10pm - 2:40pm
Theater, 2nd Floor


Cloud Foundry Logging & Metrics
Cloud Foundry takes logging and metrics seriously, and recent developments have made it easier than ever for users to gain valuable insights into the systems they're responsible for.

In this presentation we will provide an overview of Cloud Foundry's logging and metrics capabilities. We will cover everything from the basics to the Firehose to integration with ELK and Graphite.

avatar for Colin Humphreys

Colin Humphreys

Pivot, Pivotal
Colin has more than fifteen years’ experience delivering working solutions and saving failing projects. He is passionate about Cloud Computing, DevOps, Continuous Delivery and PaaS. Colin delivers tooling to the Cloud Foundry community, is a regular speaker on PaaS-related topics... Read More →
avatar for Ed King

Ed King

Software Engineer, Pivotal
Ed is an engineer at Pivotal. He has spent the past few years working with Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes, with a strong focus on container runtimes. He is a regular speaker at various conferences including KubeCon Europe and Cloud Foundry Summit.

Monday May 11, 2015 2:50pm - 3:20pm
Hall A-2


Introducing bosh-workspace: how we deploy all things BOSH
The Swisscom-initiated project "bosh-workspace" was accepted into the incubator last year. It is now time for everyone to learn what it is, what big problem it solves, and why the consultancy Stark & Wayne now uses it across all its clients.

Each bosh workspace simultaneously makes BOSH deployments easier to automate from CI and easier to use by humans - you and I. No more 1000 line BOSH manifests. No more accidental misconfigurations.

Choose the features you want to enable/disable, add in your networking/cloud_properties, and your entire system will be running on a bare BOSH in just three commands.

avatar for Dr Nic Williams

Dr Nic Williams

CEO, Stark & Wayne
User and evangelist of Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, Concourse CI, and BOSH. Author of books Concourse Tutorial and Ultimate Guide to BOSH. Awarded Cloud Foundry Champion 2018. CEO of Stark & Wayne.

Monday May 11, 2015 2:50pm - 3:20pm
Theater, 2nd Floor


Resource Management Ecosystem and Cloud Foundry - A Review of the State of the Art
Resource Management within a data center for applications and services is a hot topic among application and infrastructure architects. Diego, Mesos, Kubernetes, YARN, DRS are among the many available frameworks/technologies under consideration. There are synergies and overlap between each of these frameworks and careful consideration needs to be given to adopt the right ones depending on the workloads and needs for an enterprise.

This talk looks at the different technologies so architects can plan the roadmap of a Cloud Foundry deployment as they look towards building an efficient data center.


Raghvender Arni

Sr Director of Platform Strategy, Pivotal
Raghvender Arni is currently Sr Director of Platform Strategy at Pivotal. Prior to that he spent many years working closely with F500 companies by being a part of and leading field engineering teams at enterprise software companies like VMWare, Progress Software. He was a founding... Read More →

Monday May 11, 2015 3:50pm - 4:20pm
Great America Ballroom K
Tuesday, May 12


BOSH Bootstrapping
CF and brokered service installations are deployed and managed with BOSH. Historically, BOSH itself has also been deployed with BOSH. That bootstrapping process was largely hard-coded, inflexible, and only allowed deploying to known supported infrastructures. It also required installing Ruby, legion native packages, the BOSH CLI, and an additional 'micro' plugin gem.

Enter BOSH Micro CLI: a new Go binary for bootstrapping a single-VM BOSH using the Cloud Provider Implementation (CPI) of your choice.

Now you can deploy BOSH directly onto any infrastructure that has a CPI, without having to maintain a fork of BOSH, opening the door for up to date BOSH and CF on infrastructures like Google Compute Engine and IBM SoftLayer.

We will demonstrate bootstrapping BOSH and discuss the various steps, components, inputs, and dependencies.

avatar for Michael (Max) Maximilien

Michael (Max) Maximilien

Computer scientist, engineer, programmer and also photographer. Formally, CTO at IBM.
avatar for Maria Shaldibina

Maria Shaldibina

Software Engineer, Pivotal
Maria is a software engineer at Pivotal, currently anchoring the BOSH team at Pivotal. She started working on Cloud Foundry four years ago at VMware, since then she worked on different parts of Cloud Foundry, such as staging and running applications, and for the past two years she... Read More →

Tuesday May 12, 2015 10:40am - 11:10am
Great America Ballroom K


Simplifying Services with the Apache Brooklyn Catalog: The CF Brooklyn Service Broker and Plugin
The Cloud Foundry Service Broker API provides a means of adding new services to your Cloud Foundry application, but usually that means creating a new service broker for each additional service. In this talk, we introduce the Brooklyn service broker, which can deploy many different services across multiple clouds with a single service broker. It uses Apache Brooklyn, the open source application blueprinting and management platform.

We will demonstrate this with a range of clustered NoSQL and analytics platforms from the Apache Brooklyn catalog. We will also show how, by extending the API and using a CLI plugin, a single command can create and bind complex service topologies specified in your application’s manifest. Finally we’ll show the plugin’s capabilities for managing these services, inspecting sensor events and effecting scaling and failover changes.

avatar for Alex Heneveld

Alex Heneveld

Co-founder & CTO, Cloudsoft
Alex Heneveld is one of the creators of Apache Brooklyn, and CTO and co-founder at Cloudsoft Corporation where he works with companies large and small to build their application management strategy. With the surprisingly controversial view that applications are more important than... Read More →
avatar for Robert Moss

Robert Moss

Software Engineer, Cloudsoft Corporation
Robert Moss is a Senior Software Engineer at Cloudsoft Corporation the makers of Cloudsoft AMP. He leads Cloudsoft’s Cloud Foundry development efforts as the creator of the Apache Brooklyn Service Broker which is in Cloud Foundry Incubation; he is the instigator of the Apache Brooklyn... Read More →

Tuesday May 12, 2015 2:50pm - 3:20pm
Hall A-2


Using Service Brokers to Manage Data Lifecycle
IDC says that ~75% of the data we generate is copy data. Managing copies of data for test and dev is a continual challenge. Valid test data requires continual curation, sanitization, refresh and deletion. The operational expense of these copies is tremendous. Managing copies reduces agility and extends development cycles and is usually a manual operation! This talk will introduce the concepts of copy data management, some possible solutions and demonstrate an extendable service broker that will allow Cloud Foundry applications to automate the copy data life cycle, from test to production.

avatar for Joshua Kruck

Joshua Kruck

Advisory Solutions Architect, Pivotal Software, Inc.

Tuesday May 12, 2015 3:50pm - 4:20pm
Hall A-2