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Monday, May 11


Diego Update
The Diego runtime has made lots of progress in the last year. We're very nearly at full feature parity with the DEAs and will be replacing them soon. This talk presents an update on the state of Diego: improvements we've made, features we're working on today, and future features we plan on starting very soon. We'll also talk about Lattice: a lightweight distribution of Diego that allows you to explore and experiment with Diego's APIs.


Onsi Fakhouri

Cloud Foundry Distinguished Engineer, Lattice
Onsi is a Cloud Foundry Distinguished Engineer and is the product manager for Diego and Lattice.

Monday May 11, 2015 10:45am - 11:15am
Hall A-2


Building a Docker Backend for Garden
A demo and discussion of garden-docker which is a (prototype, for fun) backend for garden (the Cloud Foundry) container technology implemented on top of Docker. This allows you to run Cloud Foundry with docker as the underlying container technology. Why would you want to use this? How does it work? What does this mean about the differences between Garden and other container technologies?


Julian Friedman

Julian Friedman, is an IBMer working on the Cloud Foundry Garden project, which is Cloud Foundry's container technology. Julian previously worked on the Cloud Foundry Runtime team and was the first IBMer to take part in the Cloud Foundry Dojo program. Before Cloud Foundry Julian worked... Read More →

Monday May 11, 2015 11:25am - 11:55am
Hall A-2


Cloud Foundry and IOT protocol support
OT is next disruptive innovation hotbed but Cloud Foundry doesn’t yet have support for the most important IOT protocols. GE software wants to change that.

The current CF router only supports HTTP. However, there are a number of IOT/Machine focused protocols that operate over other protocols (MQTT, COAP, DDS, etc.)that are focused on streaming data from machine to cloud.

This session will discuss the use cases that our Industrial Internet customers need these protocols for and how the extensible TCP-based routing framework GE Software is creating with the community will enable them.


Atul Kshirsagar

Atul is a Senior Software Architect with GE Digital. He has been involved with Cloud Foundry since 2014 and has been contributing to OSS CF development. He was part of CF Diego runtime team and then later worked on CF Routing team where he worked on adding TCP routing support in... Read More →

Monday May 11, 2015 1:30pm - 2:00pm
Theater, 2nd Floor


Next steps in the Cloud Foundry API and why 3 > 2
The Cloud Foundry API is the interface for the platform's functionality, orchestrating a user's interactions with the system. In this presentation, core committers from the Runtime Team are going to explain the motivation, design, and architecture of the next iteration of the Cloud Foundry API. The team will discuss how the product goal to overhaul the concept of Apps in Cloud Foundry, paired with limitations from the existing V2 API, led to the design of a more flexible, consistent, and extensible API. Topics will include overcoming friction between new features within a well-established codebase, the goals and the driving ideas behind the V3 API and how they support new features and ease of future development, as well as a dive into the actual patterns and design of the API itself.


James Myers

Software Engineer, Pivotal Software
James Myers is a software engineer for Pivotal Software and a core contributor to the Cloud Foundry project. James is currently working on the BOSH team. Previously, James has worked extensively on the core open source Cloud Foundry teams, including the Diego, CF Runtime, and CFCR... Read More →

Zach Robinson

Mad Cloud Scientist, Pivotal
Zach Robinson is a Pivotal developer and core contributor to the Cloud Foundry platform. He is a member of the Runtime team, located in San Francisco, CA.

Luan Santos

Principal Software Engineer, Pivotal
Luan Santos is a Pivotal engineer and core contributor to the Cloud Foundry platform. He is a member of the V3 Acceleration team team, located in San Francisco, CA. He also spoke at the a few CF Summits about the Cloud Foundry API, Diego and general development practices on Cloud... Read More →

Monday May 11, 2015 1:30pm - 2:00pm
Hall A-2


CF Service Brokers Updates: Async provisions, service keys, and any params
CloudFoundry Services make up the most extensible part of any CF installation. The architecture is flexible and uses a broker model allows for various types of services to be integrated and used in any CF installations.

While very powerful and flexible, the current CF Services architecture had some major pending issues that prevented CF installations to be even more useful and capable. In particular, using the current architecture, it was difficult to integrate analytics types of services, as well as allowing service instances to be used outside of CF applications.

Recent enhancements to the CF services architecture attempt to address the current limitations by adding three key new features. First, services can now be provisioned and de-provisioned in an async fashion which allows service brokers to take whatever amount of time needed to create and delete their managed service instances.

Second, service brokers can now issue keys (credentials) to any client without having a need for a CF application. This allows a CF service to be used in a client that lives outside of the CF installation, e.g., a Docker container application. And finally, service brokers can now exchange any number of parameters for their service instances.

In this talk, the newly formed CF Services APIs team will review the Service Broker architecture that CF provides, discuss in details the new features, and show examples (and demos) of how the new features can be used to solve problems in current CF offerings.



Director, Software Engineering, Pivotal
I'm the Project Lead for the Release Integration team. Happy to talk about OSS CF and cf-deployment.
avatar for Michael (Max) Maximilien

Michael (Max) Maximilien

Computer scientist, engineer, programmer and also photographer. Formally, CTO at IBM.

Monday May 11, 2015 3:50pm - 4:20pm
Hall A-2
Tuesday, May 12


The Road to Persistence on Cloud Foundry Diego
Elastic Runtime makes deploying, scaling and routing traffic to 12 factor web applications easy, but the rubber hits the road when there’s data involved. Historically Cloud Foundry has leveraged BOSH for persistence, which requires the cloud operator to manage all stateful services. We’ve been investigating how we might expose persistence to CF users through the cf cli, leveraging Diego. This talk proposes a new 12 factor app model for data services.

After this talk the audience will understand the challenges involved in managing persistence, what other cluster scheduling systems such as Mesos and Kubernetes are considering, and what approaches we’re pursuing for Diego.


Ted Young

Guidewire Software

Tuesday May 12, 2015 11:20am - 11:50am
Hall A-2


Norouter: Running Cloud Foundry without the Gorouter
The Gorouter serves a valid purpose in the Cloud Foundry architecture but having two layers of load balancing has introduced a variety of problems for our customers. In this presentation, we will introduce Norouter, an open source alternative to the Gorouter that integrates directly with existing load balancers eliminating the need to forward traffic through the Gorouter. We will discuss the pros and cons of this solution as well as demonstrate how we have integrated Norouter with our organization's F5 Local Traffic Managers allowing us to better meet the needs of our customers while maintaining feature parity with the Gorouter.

avatar for Mike Heath

Mike Heath

Principal Software Engineer, LDS Church
I am a Principal Software Engineer for the LDS Church. We have been operating multiple Cloud Foundry deployments for more than two years hosting more than 300 applications. I have contributed dozens of pull requests to Cloud Foundry and I currently maintain a set of Java libraries... Read More →

Tuesday May 12, 2015 12:00pm - 12:30pm
Hall A-2